Kia reveals 250bhp concept in Chicago

Kia Track'ster concept
Kia has been getting its concept on yet again, this time at the Chicago Motor Show.

The 250bhp Kia Track'ster is a Soul-based concept and its intended to be the "ultimate sporting representation of Kia's Soul". It certainly looks sporty, though it also looks a little bit on fire in the above image.
Despite its oddly placed apostrophe the Track'ster is a sort-of celebration for the Soul, which found 102,000 US homes in 2011. The Soul was originally designed in Kia's California Studio and a second Soul variant is under final assessment from the very same studio – the Soul'ster convertible.

Tom Kearns, chief designer at the California Studio, says the Track'ster is in keeping with the Soul's rebellious, individual and urban character. Whatever that means.

Kia isn't planning to put the Track'ster into production. We're kind of mystified as to why Kia's planning a convertible Soul, to be honest. It looks pretty strange, doesn't it? Like a Spam tin without a lid...
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