Video: This is how you sell the new NSX

NSX Superbowl ad
We won't see the new Honda/Acura NSX for many years yet, but the Japanese company is keen to let us know that it's coming. We're very much looking forward to it, mostly because the NSX name carries a lot of weight and also we're never ones to shy away from a new supercar.

Even though we won't get to see one for a while, Acura is advertising the new motor during this weekend's Superbowl. Thankfully, the NSX ad is much, much better than the awful Ferris Bueller effort created to hawk the new Honda CR-V.
The brilliant ad sees Jerry Seinfeld try to secure the first new NSX from the guy that secured the car moments before him.

Having Seinfeld involved means it's pretty funny and sees cameos from the Soup Nazi, an alien corpse, a munchkin and a pretty rockin' speed boat.

We'll happily admit that we'd have caved when he offered us a holographic dancing monkey, mind.

The lesson this ad teaches us is to be persistant, work hard and always (we mean ALWAYS) watch out for flying Lenos.

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