Passengers selling Costa Concordia items on eBay

Costa Concordia items go on sale on ebayPA

Passengers from the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia are reportedly trying to cash in on the tragedy - by selling items from the vessel on eBay.

One eBay user tried to sell a one euro token from the ship's casino for $900 (£573.94), while another user, gkaac from Massachusetts, was also offering the chance to buy the 'genuine object' for $1,800 (£1,147), according to

Other reports the Daily Mail say that a model of the ship is also up for auction for £126.91 - and several people are trying to sell postcards of the ship in its heyday.

Costa Concordia items go on sale on eBayeBay

The Costa Concordia sunk off the island of Giglio, Italy, after sailing too close to the rocks.

Its captain, Francesco Schettino, is facing charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship.

Thirty-two people are feared dead following the disaster, and news has just emerged that Italian emergency officials are ending the search for missing people in the submerged part of the ship because of and safety concerns.

A spokeswoman for Civil Protection confirmed that the search for the missing would continue wherever possible, including on the part of the ship above the water, in the waters surrounding the ship and along the nearby coastline.

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