Video: Can a car play ice hockey?

Car playing ice hockey
As the song goes: the weather outside is frightful. It's flippin' freezing at the moment and the conditions could be getting rather dicey for driving.

Alfa Romeo wants to assuage any fears that its cars will fall off the road at the first sign of ice. Like all good creative types, the company decided to show off its Giulietta tackling the most extreme conditions – by making it play ice hockey. On an ice rink. Against ice hockeyists.
To show off its prowess on the slippery stuff, a Giulietta was taken to the Coventry Skydome ice rink and pitted against the fearsome (in name, at least) Team Blaze. Using the Alfa's D.N.A. Vehicle Dynamic Control switch the car manages to stay pretty planted on the ice – we were impressed in the office.

We were more impressed with the stunt driver behind the wheel, mind.

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