New Dodge Viper teased on Facebook

Dodge Viper
It was always going to happen – a new Dodge Viper has been teased. This time, though, on the mac daddy of all the social networks rather than via press release.

A black and white image appeared on the SRT (Street Racing Technology – Chrysler's AMG, basically) Facebook page showing off what the new Viper will look like to the partially sighted.
Dodge's new Viper itself will be revealed at April's New York Motor Show and very little is currently known about it.

We do know that traction control will feature (thanks, US Government. No, really, thank you) on the new car and it'll probably have an 8.7-litre V10 engine with around 600bhp and 560lb ft. That's a fair lump 'o power.

We'll let you know more as and when we get it.

Source: SRT's Facebook page Via Autoblog US
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