Singles events with a twist

There are lots of singles events taking place around the country, so there's more opportunity than ever to find that special someone.

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There's no need to stick to the typical runaround of speed-dating though, because there are more interesting events springing up all over the UK.

Here are a few of the more interesting examples, just search the web to find what's on offer in your area...

Dating in the dark
Fans of the TV show of this name will know that dating in the dark can be tremendous fun, and now similar singles nights are starting to be offered in real life too.

The basic premise is that you meet and chat with prospective partners either in the dark or blindfolded - thus removing looks from the equation.

Asian dating
Family pressures can play a greater role in the dating game for people of Asian descent, so it's no surprise that there are a growing number of specialist dating events to help young UK Asians find a compatible partner with a similar background.

Similar services are offered for those from an Afro-Caribbean background.

Outdoors dating
Not everyone is in their natural territory in a bar, and there are several providers of singles events aimed at rufty-tufty outdoorsy types.

Sailing, abseiling, rafting and mountain biking are all on offer for those who feel more comfortable in the great outdoors than a crowded bar.

Foodie dating
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - and the same is true of a lot of women who take their grub very seriously.

So it's no surprise that food-based singles events are springing up, where couples get paired off and given the chance to watch a chef create a dish before having a go at recreating it together.

Hipster dating
The painfully hip have traditionally scorned dating nights as being, well, a bit naff - but several enterprising companies have cottoned onto this gap in the market and started offering singles events which are all done in the best possible taste.

London or other big cities are your best bet if you fancy singles black-tie balls, casino nights and drinks in swanky bars and restaurants.

What do you reckon? Have you tried dating events and if not why not? Comment below...
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