Passengers 'held hostage' on train from London Bridge

Passengers 'held hostage' on train from London BridgePA

Around 30 passengers claim they were 'held hostage' on a First Capital Connect train from London Bridge, which wasn't able to stop at any of its scheduled stations because of a breakdown on the line.

Commuters were furious when they realised the train was going straight to Sutton without stopping, and one man even pulled the emergency cord and jumped on to the tracks near West Croydon station.

Other passengers reportedly tried to follow suit by heading to the back of the train and forcing the doors open after the driver refused to reverse.

Commuter James Peterson told the Metro: "Passengers including myself were left on board a running train, effectively held hostage and being taken where we didn't want to go."

First Capital Connect said the driver announced the diversion before the train journey began last Wednesday, and that the service had planned to drop passengers off on the way back from Sutton.

A spokesman insisted that the driver had followed procedure.

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