It's official, women can park better than men

car parking
One of the most common stereotypes in motoring appears to have been broken as a study has revealed that women are in fact better at parking than men.

NCP recorded CCTV footage of 450 drivers when they were parking, looking at the position in which they parked, their technique, accuracy and the time taken to get into a space.
Out of a possible 20 point system, women scored an average mark of 13.4 while men totted up a 12.3 average.

A survey of 2,000 drivers also revealed other findings including the notion that men are less bothered about the position of their car in a space (only 25% park centrally) while half of women are more careful and park in the middle of a space.

Women are far more likely to reverse into a space at 39% compared to 28% of men. The fairer sex will also choose to make adjustments so that their car is parked properly, whereas only half the amount of men are likely to do the same.

Driving instructor Neil Beeson who has appeared on ITV programme Last Chance Driving School devised the study and said: "It shows that us men need to give our partners more respect when it comes to parking. The facts don't lie."

The study also showed that women take around five seconds longer to park than men, but could that be because they are more careful?

If you've ever commented on your partner's parking habits, now might be the time to apologise.

Let us know your thoughts below and tell us if you've seen both men and women park like the drivers in the videos above.
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