Video: Toyota's Le Mans car sounds sensational

Diesel racers have been winning Le Mans for years, properly irritating petrol-powered cars (well, their teams and drivers anyway) in the process.

For this year's race though, in June, Toyota is running a petrol-hybrid called the TS030 HYBRID. The 'TS' stands for 'Toyota Sport' and the number harks back to Toyota's '90s Le Mans cars, called TS010 and TS020.
The car makes Toyota the first manufacturer to use a hybrid in the FIA World Endurance Championship - and the company isn't just there to sell a few more Priuses...

...well, there is that, but the TS030 has a chance. It'll be competing in the LMP1 class, dominated in the past by Peugeot and Audi. Though with Peugeot having announced its withdrawal from the competition, it'll be the Germans that Toyota will be gunning for, with their big TDI and that.

The TS030 uses a 3.4-litre V8 petrol engine linked to a complicated, race-specific hybrid system very different to the Prius's.

And, to get back to the headline, which sounds more like it's sending the driver to a galaxy far, far away than accelerating down a track...

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