Video: How to win a race with a flaming Lamborghini

lamborghini on fire
Racing drivers are a different breed of human. If the reward is worth it then any risk will be taken. This includes the risk of burning to death in a 500bhp+ fireball.

Australian racers Jason and John White raced their new Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale in the competition. It was a brand new car for the season and one they hadn't yet driven. As is the way with shiny new Italian race cars something went wrong. Firey wrong.It seems that as the boys raced their way around the course the back end of their car 'went a bit on fire' and began to cause them a little trouble. Naturally the pair noticed that a) the car was self-immolating and b) the cabin was getting a touch hot. In true Aussie fashion they kept the Lambo going.

As Jason says in the video: "I could actually physically feel the heat from the fire." Jason asked John what they should do and the response was to keep going 'til the finish.

In doing so they not only wrecked the back end of their brand new car but won the race, too.

They are, in current popularist vernacular, 'lads'. So, a million lad points to each of them. Enjoy the video.

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