BMW X6 reverts to type: gets a facelift and a tan

It's unfortunate that BMW has chosen to show the facelifted BMW X6 in the particular shade of paint you see above, because it makes life too easy for the car's haters, of which there are many.

Yes, there are certain things that can't be polished, you might say. Mind, there are plenty of people with love for the X6 - BMW has sold 150,000 of them to date, far more than it had guessed it would after first looking at the finished car.
The "world's first Sports Activity Coupe", according to BMW - and still the only one, we think - has been enhanced with a front-end redesign, which we're told gives the car "an appearance characterised by exclusive athleticism and supremacy". Like Fatima Whitbread.

Fatima gets higher, re-profiled fog lamps and a new grille, and a proper backside work-over, including re-shaped lights that now incorporate LEDs. "The rear lights are now two LED-fed light banks which create the brand's hallmark night design as a harmoniously glowing light mass," says BMW. So new lights, then.

Fatima's distinctive tan is a new colour called Marrakech Brown metallic - well, new to the X6, anyway - while new shades of silver and blue have been introduced to the paint chart.

But more importantly, it's now possible to have white leather trim, so your X6 can match the look of your corner sofa, and a proper three-seat rear bench is available for the first time, so it can behave like a settee too.

Bi-colour, 20-inch wheels hit the options list. So, it's now possible, using only a biro and a few ticking motions, to go to a BMW dealership and concoct a vehicle with less taste and decency than a mock Tudor caravan. Kahn will be furious.

The core models remain, so you're choosing between an xDrive30d with 245bhp and xDrive40d with 306bhp if you want a diesel, and an xDrive35i with 306bhp and the 407bhp xDrive50i. The X6 M is still happening, too.

However, the new X6 range will also include the new M 50d version, announced yesterday, combining half decent fuel economy with barely believable performance., for a diesel. It hits 62mph in 5.3 seconds. Here's a video of it.

You can order a new X6 now, and you'll get it for spring. No prices yet, but expect slight increases across the board, meaning a range starting very close to £50,000.
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