Video: Inifiniti M35h is world's fastest hybrid

Infiniti M35h
Inifiniti, Nissan's high-end brand, is still new on our shores. You certainly don't see many of them about. Still, it seems Inifiniti produces some fairly brisk vehicles.

Inifiniti isn't the only luxury brand to make a hybrid, though. Porsche produces a hybrid version of the Panamera. Both are very quick and rather desirable, but Infiniti was keen to see which was faster.
So, in true Grease style a drag race was set up. It turns out that the 40.4mpg M35h is somewhat quicker than Porsche's 41.5mpg offering.

According to Infiniti's tests (carried out by AMCI Testing), over a quarter mile stretch the Infiniti's 13.41 second time was faster than the Panamera's.

The question remains: would you rather have a Porsche or an Infiniti? Yeah, us too.

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