UK to become next Costa del Sol thanks to climate change

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UK to become new Costa del Sol thanks to climate change
UK to become new Costa del Sol thanks to climate change


Britain is on track to become a European holiday hotspot within the next 40 years because of soaring average annual temperatures, says a shocking new government report looking at climate change.

An investigation commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reveals that the UK will have increasingly higher temperatures in both summer and winter.

This means that parts of the UK could become like the Costa Del Sol, with tourists flocking here from southern France, Spain and Italy, where the heat during the summer months could become too uncomfortable.

However, the UK will also be affected by an alarming increase in serious flooding, which is predicted to become a severe problem because of rising sea levels and increasingly heavy rainfall in the winter months. This will cost an estimated £12 billion every year by 2080.

There are also concerns that rising sea levels could hit low-lying natural assets such as beaches and other tourist hotspots.

The report says: "Hotter summers and warmer year-round temperatures may make the UK more attractive for foreign and domestic holidaymakers. In particular, the UK could be well-placed to attract visitors deterred by the uncomfortably high temperatures in southern Europe projected to result from climate change."

As well as increased flooding, lack of water will also be a problem, particularly in the South East and Anglia, where most people will be under severe water restrictions.

Too hot? Too wet? What will the UK be like in 40 years? Leave your comments below!


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