Road works disruption could be drastically reduced

Road works
Long delays and disruption caused by temporary lights and road works could be cut short as local authorities get the power they need from the government.
Transport Minister Norman Baker has announced that councils will now be able to charge utility companies up to £2,500 per day to dig up the busiest roads during peak times, which could well force energy firms to carry out repairs and maintenance during off-peak times or at night.

Named 'lane rental' schemes, up to three councils can apply to pilot the scheme. An annual evaluation will be made of how the scheme has worked and what else can be done to implement it nationally. The money made will be put back into reducing disruption and congestion on more of our roads.

While the lane rental schemes could save drivers valuable minutes in the morning and evening commutes, residents living next to busy roads may suffer the consequences of noisy nights as firms try to avoid the hefty charge.

Let us know if you think it's a step in the right direction.
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