Video: Dramatic rescue as man buried alive by avalanche

 Dramatic video rescue as man buried alive by avalancheYouTube

The moment a snowmobiler was buried alive by an avalanche has been caught on camera.

John Swanson was with a group of people riding the Stampede Pass in the Cascade Range Mountains, US, when an avalanche triggered by another rider suddenly appeared and engulfed them.

Fellow rider Rick Jablinkse caught the terrifying moment on his helmet-cam, and tried in vain to warn John, but was too late.

Mr Swanson was completely covered by the avalanche, but his friends quickly managed to dig him out, and he was unharmed.

He told Fox News that the sensation was akin to being trapped in concrete, and that he felt lucky to be alive.

According to, as the snow was cleared from around him, he is heard telling his friends: 'I'm OK, it just freaked me out."

We can only imagine... watch the footage below:

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