2012 CO2 target is out of reach and manufacturers aren't worried

Vauxhall Ampera
Car manufacturers are supposed to achieve an average of 130g/km CO2 over their ranges this year, but Cleangreencars.co.uk has claimed that it simply isn't achievable.

Over the total market, the average CO2 is 138.35g/km CO2, because currently only nine manufacturers are under the magic 130g/km CO2 target.
Fiat, Citroen, Toyota, SEAT, Lexus, MINI, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot and Hyundai range between 116.31g/km (Fiat) and 129.98g/km (Hyundai). Other makers may join them in 2012, though many won't and have no cause to worry about fines for missing the target.

You see, the magical '130g/km for 2012' mantra isn't true for all manufacturers. To get Orwellian, some are more equal than others – manufacturers who make heavier cars have higher targets to meet. Mercedes, with a range average weight of 1661kgs, has to hit an average of 143g/km. A touch higher than the rest.

If a manufacturer sells less than 300,000 cars in the EU the target is also of no consequence. They can continue to have a range coverage of 190g/km if it suits them. There is one, minor, proviso – their averages have to be 25% lower than they were in 2007.

Taking those two loopholes into account, can you imagine what Hummer would be getting away with if you could still buy them in the UK?

There is a way to let manufacturers know that you're not happy with polluting vehicles – vote with your wallets. The way the UK market is moving, lower-emissions vehicles are becoming more popular. They're cheaper to tax and fuel – both of which tend to be prohibitively expensive.

To see a full list of manufacturers' CO2 emissions head to Clean Green Cars' special page.
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