Video: This man crashed his car at 130mph and didn't die

You know when you have a close call with another car and breathe a nervous sigh of relief and feel 'a bit wibbly' for a while afterwards? Imagine what this chap felt after spectacularly binning his Cobra (replica) at 130mph.

He's now, optimistically, trying to sell the V8-powered monster of a car. We can't blame him – the car should have killed him stone dead. We wouldn't want to keep a car that had a good go at ripping our heads off. Would you?However, thanks to oodles of seats belts, safety tech and a good amount of luck he survived to tell the tale.

The video states that the car swerved to the right for no apparent reason then spent a fair chunk of time being upside down and sliding along the ground. Apparently it left a debris trail of about 500 feet. Ouch.

Maybe he should buy a Dodge Viper next? They're a bit bigger than Cobras. In this case it might be good for him - especially when you see how close to the top of the roll bar his head is.

Enjoy the video and try not to clench too hard when you first see it...

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