Toll charge for foreign lorry drivers using UK roads?

Plans announced by the government could mean that foreign lorry drivers could be charged £10 a day to use British roads.

The charge is intended to make things fairer for British lorry drivers, who already have to pay up to £13 when they travel on foreign roads.
However, UK hauliers will still be liable for this new charge, but it could be refunded in the form of a possible reduction in fuel duty.

Roads Minister Mike Penning said of the proposed new charge on the Huffington Post: "Each year there are around 1.5 million trips to the UK by foreign registered lorries - but none of them pay to use our roads, leaving UK businesses and taxpayers to foot the bill.

A lorry road user charge would ensure that all hauliers who use our roads are contributing to their cost, regardless of where they are from - helping UK hauliers to get a fairer deal and increasing employment and promoting growth in the UK."

If this scheme were introduced, it could be enforced with the use of spy in the sky technology, where a black box in the truck would give a signal picked up via a satellite. Or, another more simple solution could be a windscreen sticker like the Swiss Vignette system.
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