RAF Northolt to become new Heathrow satellite?

Ruth Doherty
RAF Northolt to become new Heathrow satellite?
RAF Northolt to become new Heathrow satellite?


The Ministry of Defence is planning to sell off all or parts of RAF Northolt in a bid to raise funds.

One of the MoD's oldest airfields could become a satellite for nearby Heathrow Airport, an idea that is being discussed at Whitehall.

Its proximity to Heathrow will be discussed by ministers in a large discussion about the future of UK travel in the spring.

According to the report in the Guardian, one industry source said that the idea had been discussed in government. "It has its advocates because of its location close to the capital and to Heathrow, and there are some people who would welcome it.

"But it shares some of the drawbacks of extending Heathrow, including the increase in noise for communities in west London." Another source said: "In many ways it is less ridiculous than Boris Island."

The idea of a third runway at Heathrow has been ruled out by the Department for Transport but, they say, "the government will consult on an overarching sustainable framework for UK aviation this spring".

RAF Northolt is home to the 32 (Royal) Squadron, and is still used by visiting VIPs, but some say activity could be diverted to Heathrow.

The base is well known as the place where Princess Diana's body was returned to after being repatriated from France in 1997 (pictured).

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