VW Up, yours with five doors from mid-2012

The long awaited five-door VW Up has finally been revealed and it looks like...an Up with a couple of extra doors.

The five-door model shortens the front doors somewhat to make room for the extra holes in the back. Rear passengers are treated to the same 947mm headroom and 789mm legroom as the three-door car.To ensure everyone gets a good view of the road the rear seats are raised higher than the front seats, which is rather smart.

Other than the extra doors there aren't any changes.

Both models share the range of 1.0-litre engines, Emergency Brake system (to stop accidents becoming too severe, the Up Will brake for you if it detects an accident) and the Maps & More infotainment system (which not only does sat nav, but music, phone, car info and even parking sensors – and it's removable).

There's a minor design difference between the two cars – the three-door Up gets a rather natty crease along its rear window line to add a little flair to the design. The five-door doesn't get such styling frivolity, just a flat line along the car's DLO. It still looks good, but not as funky as its sibling. So good but bland, like the lead girl from Glee.

It'll be out in the second half of the year and prices aren't decided yet, but expect it to cost you a few hundred pounds more than the three-door car, which starts at £7,995.
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