Plane spotter's scary landings video goes viral


 Fear of flying? Look away now! Plane spotter's scary landings video goes viralYouTube

If you harbour a deep-seated aversion to flying, this might not be the video for you.

But Martin Bogdan's video of nerve-jangling plane landings has become something of a YouTube smash since he uploaded it on 5 January, receiving nearly two million hits already.

The footage shows a montage of terrifying touch-downs at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany during strong crosswinds.

Planes are seen having to approach the runway at an angle, swaying from left to right, to compensate for the winds, which Bogdan says were about 35 knots, with 55 knot gusts, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The German-born spotter said the reaction to his video had been "incredible".

Check it out below, if you dare...

World's scariest airports

World's scariest airports

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