One-in-four web users 'are music pirates'

Stacey King

A study conducted by a music industry group has discovered that 28 per cent of internet users around the globe illegally download music every month.

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The International Federation of the Phonographic Industy (IFPI) has released the findings of its latest annual survey, claiming that the huge number of people illegally accessing copyrighted material is "jeopardising investment in music" and "rigging the market for legitimate music services".

And the report points toward the French Hadopi "three strikes and you're out" law as having had a positive effect in that country, with sale rising for Apple's iTunes store in France.

The law sees repeat filesharers get their internet connection temporarily diconnected.

Similar legislation is expected to be made in Britain following the passing of the Digital Economy Act, but it has yet to happen.

The report also revealed that 32 per cent of record companies' revenues now come from digital sales - a record figure and one which is growing. Total digital revenue from music sales was put at $5.2bn.

The CEO of IFPI, Frances Moore, said: "As we enter 2012, there are good reasons for optimism in the world of digital music. Legal services with expanding audiences have reached across the globe and consumer choice has been revolutionised.

"Meanwhile momentum is building in the fight against piracy as governments and a growing circle of intermediaries engage with our industry.

"Any complacency now, however, would be a great mistake. Our digital business is progressing in spite of the environment in which it operates, not because of it.

"In 2012 the momentum needs to build further. We need legislation from governments with coordinated measures that deal with piracy effectively and in all its forms.

"We also need more cooperation from online intermediaries such as search engines and advertisers to support the legal digital music business."

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