Northern Lights give dazzling display - in Yorkshire!

Ruth Doherty
Northern Lights give dazzling display - in Yorkshire!
Northern Lights give dazzling display - in Yorkshire!

The Northern Lights glow over the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire. Photo: North News

If you thought you always have to jet off to Norway or Finland to see the Northern Lights, you'd be wrong - because the Aurora Borealis made a dazzling display over parts of England this week.

The green-tinged glow made a spectacular appearance over the skies of County Durham, Northumberland and the Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire, as well as in some parts of Scotland.

This particular light show was captured on Sunday by photographer Paul Kingston, but it is thought a strong solar storm means the lights will be visible again tonight and tomorrow.

Robin Scagell, of the Society for Popular Astronomy, told the Daily Mail: "It looks like we could be treated to another cosmic light show and so it is well worth watching the northern part of the heavens."

The Northern Lights are caused by bursts of electrically charged particles given off by the Sun interacting with the Earth's magnetic field.

One would usually have to head close to the Arctic to see the resulting light display, but every eleven years there is an increase in solar activity that creates powerful explosions of particles, which means the aurora borealis can be seen further south.

According to the Telegraph, even Londoners could possibly get a glimpse.

Time to get the camera out...

2012 is said to be the best time in years to see the Northern Lights. Discover the best places to do so below:


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