Video: Street sleeper Toyota will blow you away

Toyota Corolla
This Toyota Corolla is not much to look at. In fact, the completely standard body is a bit rough around the edges and though it can be appreciated as a rare classic, most people wouldn't take a second glance at it.
Except this particular Corolla is hiding a chassis-twisting turbocharged Nissan V6 under the bonnet, allowing the little white beast to cover the quarter mile in just under 12 seconds.

Okay, so there are faster cars available, but imagine the faces of those who think they can show up the little Toyota, only to be blown into next week by the mammoth Garrett ball-bearing turbo.

The engine install fits perfectly and we love how the owner has managed to keep the car looking completely stock (bar the fat tyres).

Check out the video below to enjoy this mean machine in action.

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