In-car mobile phone blocker on sale

Dialing and driving is both illegal and rather stupid. Making a quick call involves taking your eyes off the road and fiddling with your phone – not a good idea if you're, say, doing 70mph on a rainy M11. Scosche, an American company, has released a solution to said misdemeanor – the cellCONTROL phone blocker.

After registering online and downloading a special app linking your phone with the device, cellCONTROL will activate whenever the car is moving.
In a smart move it'll not only block incoming calls, but emails, texts and those oh so tempting apps like the camera and internet access.

There is a work around, though – it'll allow incoming calls if a handsfree headset is detected in the vehicle because, over here at least, it's the only legal way to chat while you're steering.

Some of you may be thinking that popping it in your newly qualified offsprings' wheels. A good idea indeed – especially since the device will let you know if anyone tries to deactivate, remove or generally fiddle with it.

It'll work with over 1,200 models of phone, though not the Apple iPhone.

Currently it's only available in the US though it may make its way over here if there's enough interest. That said, it costs $129.95 which works out at £83.56 (using today's exchange rates) and it's available on the internet which means you can easily acquire one.

The company says it'll work in any vehicle sold in the US from 1996 onwards, which covers a fair chunk of the cars sold in the EU.

We can't help thinking that you might be better placed to simply turn your phone off when you get behind the wheel, then you'd have an extra £80 to spend on apps, scones and texting for when you're not driving. That said, it'll lower your risk of crashing and keep your mind on the road, where it should be.

For more information head over to Scosche's website. If you need more convincing it's a good idea, have a quick look at the video below.

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