Ecovelocity announces new, larger venue for 2012

Honda EcoVelocityOrganisers have announced that the Ecovelocity motor show, the first show of its kind in the UK dedicated to eco vehicles will run for a second year.
EcoVelocity will move from its inaugural location at Battersea Power Station to the ExCeL centre in London and will run at the earlier dates of 10-13 May.

The new venue is substantially larger, offering more opportunities for people to test drive green cars compared to Battersea, where 7,000 test drives saw the event reach full capacity.

The show has been put forward so as not to coincide with the start of the Olympics and organisers IGME Ltd will hope to build on the success of the 2008 British Motor Show held at ExCeL, where nearly half a million people visited.

I was really impressed with the EcoVelocity show last year and the test drives are a great idea for anyone interested in making the move to an Electric or eco vehicle, or just wants to see what all the fuss is about.

It's well worth putting those dates in your diary to see what the show can offer you.
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