Video: Audi R8 limo makes us not want to live on this planet any more

Audi R8 Limo
The boundaries of taste and decency are being pushed once again by UK limo builders Limo Broker.

We've seen bonkers supercar/limo hybrids before and always wondered who in their right mind would actually hire the things. With the R8 we know exactly who'll take the plunge – muppets, mostly.
The V10 R8 derived limo retains its 525bhp Lamborghini-sourced engine and could be the fastest limo on the planet.

Up to eight people (including the driver) can board the R8 limo, each using their own gullwing door.
For now it's just a poor rendering on YouTube, but there is a danger that it could actually become a reality and hit the streets.

We got in touch with Audi to see whether they were as disturbed by it as us. We received a diplomatic response: "the R8 Limo is a novel interpretation of the R8 concept".

Enjoy the video if you can.

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