Your garage isn't anywhere near as cool as this

Jaguar E-Type garage
Do you love your car? Is it the culmination of years of saving, grafting and hope? Then why do you keep it on the street/outside/in an ordinary garage where it'll get mucky, damaged and become mildly upsetting? You need an Ecospace Autospace (they are two different things).

Ecospace usually make garden offices and the like, but has turned its green fingers to making a pretty top notch garage to display your pride and joy.
Much like speccing a new car you can order an Autospace to your exacting specifications. So if you want a workshop space, floor to celing glazing, mood lighting and 'leccy blinds you can. Or if you just fancy a posh-looking shed to pop your M3 in, you can have that too.

Entry fees for the Ecospace Autospace aren't cheap. To get a 'basic' single bay Autospace measuring 6mx3.4mx2.8m (which includes natural materials and insulation as standard) you'll have to drop £18,000 + VAT. Want one similar to the snap above? That'll be £45,000 of your finest, sir.

That said, the model pictured does come with a birchwood interior, full height glazing, insulation and temperature control, workstation, storage systems and 'leccy roller shutters. It's the price of a house (in some parts of the country) and just as luxurious. The £45,000 doesn't include the Jag, sadly.

Amira Idris-Town, partner of Ecospace, commented: "Certain cars become an iconic benchmark in automotive design, and we wanted to create a more appropriate solution where your car can be kept, enjoyed and admired. Whatever you drive, from a rare classic to the latest supercar, you need somewhere to keep your pride and joy safely and have convenient access it."

Want one? Click here and visit Ecospace's website.
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