Video: Aston Martin wants women to know they're loved

Aston Martin promotional video
When you think Aston Martin you think of James Bond (not James Martin) cruising to the Riviera with a stunning, intelligent female Russian spy in the passenger seat looking longingly at him, as a tramp would a plate of chips. But Aston doesn't want you to think that.

Aston Martin wants to you to know that it's not just a man-brand. It's for women too. To hammer this point home the firm's released a new advert especially for girls.
The ad shows an initially unidentified driver threading a Virage through narrow passageways, zooming down the motorway and generally looking the dogs on the roads. You'll also notice the women paying attention to the car, as a petrolheaded chap would in the street. Though maybe with less pavlovian salivation rolling to their shoes.

The ad itself is beautifully shot, showing the car off in its best light and wonderfully showing the drama such a machine can bring to the roads.

Though we're a little torn as to why such an ad exists. Yes, car ads tend to be heavily focussed towards men (unless it's a small French hatchback: 'Nicole..?') though men tend to care more about their wheels than women (before the PC brigade go nuts: that doesn't mean there are no female petrolheads, no one's so stupid as to think so) and therefore cynical advertising types tend to mercilessly target them as a Terminator would Sarah Connor.

But why create an ad specifically saying: "We love women"? Imagine if Aston made an ad stating "We love men". The ill-educated mocking would be endless, then they'd get it in the neck from the PC peeps.

Thankfully, it's a brilliant ad, so none of that should matter anyway. Enjoy.

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