MoD surplus sale: everything must go!

Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Budget problems and job losses beleaguer the MoD, but in an attempt to raise some money they are trying to sell off anything now surplus to requirements.

The Defence Equipment and Support agency is tasked with getting rid of these items, which are advertised on the 'edisposals' website.

The site has previously advertised warships scrapped in the Strategic Defence and Security Review, and while these are no longer featured, there is still a huge miscellany of items including everything from boats to industrial food mixers.
Alongside a Folding three-way shovel - advertised at the bargain price of £15, you'll find some terrifying looking medical supplies including a 'skin graft mesher' - not for the faint-hearted.
The treasure trove of military oddities also includes a wide selection of clothing. Scottish Regimental Kilts are priced at £60 and are listed as "ideal for film or theatre work, collectors or re-enactors," and a three piece 'soldier 95 suit' - current army issue - is a steal at £25.99 with trousers, shirt and jacket.
There is one aircraft up for grabs - a Lightning T5 fighter jet, but the MoD might struggle to shift it since it has no engines and needs to be removed from its location in Skegness by the buyer.
There are 12 different boats advertised on the site, including a 10m Fast Motor Launch priced at £13,225. Interested parties are advised to 'order now to avoid disappointment'. For those on a tighter budget, the Motor Whaler Mk111 is a slightly more affordable £4,320.
The 'Miscellaneous' pages also provide some real gems. If you're after industrial kitchen supplies, there's a giant Crypto Peerless food mixer at less than £300, and Rational Self Cooking Centre - essentially a huge gas oven big enough to stack 40 trays of food inside, is £6,900.

You'll also find a National Communications Radio System Cabin - a 1.8 tonne trailer fitted with a high frequency radio system and masts, priced at under £2,000 and there's a Commanders Map Light Assembly for just £26.

Rather excitingly, you can also get your hands on the Lynx Mk7 Multi-Role Helicopter Flight Simulator which was "originally used to train military pilots at RAF Wattisham in Suffolk". It apparently comes with a good number of spares, and they say "no reasonable offer would be refused".
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