Video: Old Mother Hubbard drove a shoe

Shoe car
American shoe maker L.L. Bean turns 100 years old in 2012 so they thought it was high time they did something big to celebrate. Seeing as you don't get a telegram from the Queen if you're a) not a British citizen and b) a shoe, L.L. Bean decided to do the 'Merican thing: take something small and make it giant.

In this case the company chose to create a massive, mobile version of its signature product: the Maine Hunting Shoe. We've all seem them at some point in our lives (usually on TV, mind) and it's pretty cool to see the iconic design celebrated in such a way.
The company looked at how they could tackle the project – making a giant mobile shoe is no mean feat, really. They thought of different ways to position, construct and create the boot but eventually settled on a foam/fibreglass doodad mounted on a pickup truck. The coolest part of it is the laces – they're true to the original shoe, but they're made from tug boat-spec mooring rope and can tow 120 tonnes. Awesome.

It's an unusual vehicle for sure, but it's pretty cool. And we'll bet that the (comparatively) few who do get to see it absolutely love it. It's sad that it probably won't make its way to the UK, but can you imagine the red tape the DVLA would but L.L. Bean through to put a giant shoe on British roads? Ouch.

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