More classics lined up for Bonhams sale

1952 Morgan Plus-4 Drophead
The Bonhams motor car and motorcycle sale to be held in Paris on 2 February has already aroused our interest with the very expensive, very beautiful Aston Martin DB4 GT Coupe.
Now, the British auction house has announced that a collection of Morgans ranging from 1935 to 1967 will be sold, adding to the excitement of the day.

Part of a private collection built up over the last 16 years by owner Frolian Gisbert, seven cars will feature, estimated to fetch a total of nearly 300,000 euros.

Morgan 4-4 Roadster

The oldest is a 1935 Morgan F Series Special with an estimate of €15-20,000. The next is one of just 58 built pre-war, the 1939 Morgan 4-4 Drophead Coupé (estimate: €25,000 - 35,000). Expected to reach the highest price is the 1962 Morgan Plus 4 Competition Roadster at €50,000 - 70,000.

Other models include a 1947 Morgan 4-4 Roadster, a 1952 Morgan Plus 4 Drophead Coupé, a 1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster (pictured below) and a 1967 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster.

To find out more about the sale, visit Bonhams.

Morgan Plus-4 Roadster
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