Michelin has shifted 500,000 winter tyres

Mercedes C-Class estate
The last two winters the UK's faced have been pretty vile. Lots of rain, wind and country-halting snow. Not good if, like the vast majority of drivers, your car is shod with soft, summer-friendly tyres. The slightest hint of the slippery stuff would see cars skidding, sliding and, sadly, crashing.

Because of the snotty weather we've seen more and more people take up winter tyres. They're designed to be more grippy in wet, snowy and nasty winter conditions in temperatures lower than seven degrees centigrade. So... the British autumn, winter and spring.
Anyway, Michelin is reporting that it sold 500,000 winter tyres by the end of December last year – that's twice the amount shifted in 2010 and four times as many sold in 2009.

They're not a cheap investment, so the numbers are rather surprising. The fact that your winter boots will last you a few winters may have been an incentive to buy, or maybe the snow chaos that's ground the country to a halt for the last few years spurred people on. Still, it's good to see more drivers prepared to properly equip themselves this year.
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