Young driver accidents can lead to £20million claims

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MPs were attacked yesterday in the House of Commons for not understanding just how costly young drivers' accidents can be.

Nick Starling, president of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), blasted MPs saying that they're "failing to grasp the nettle" on young drivers' accident rates (and the damage done) and that the government sees them "merely as voters".
Mr Starling informed the House of Commons Transport Committee: "Claims of up to £20million have been made. It's not unusual to have three or four people injured in a car crash who will need care for life."

He went on to say that up to 20% of young drivers have had an accident.

Road safety minister Mike Penning rebuked the accusations, commenting: "Insurers are completely wrong to suggest that this Government does not care about young people or tackling young driver accident rates, which have fallen significantly in recent years... We have made the driving test more realistic and less predictable, and are considering how to improve training for drivers after they pass their test to help them develop their driving skills and knowledge."

The Metro has reported that Direct Line settled 'such a figure' as the £20million figure Mr Starling referred to. The company added that eight-figure settlements aren't unheard of.

Insurance costs are undoubtedly rising
, especially for young drivers who have admitted to lying to reduce their premiums. The average insurance quote for a male driver aged 17-22 is around £2,977, far more than the national average of £907.

Source: The Metro
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