Video: Snow + ice + Seattle drivers = mayhem

Snow driving
We know driving in snow and ice is tricky and could be very dangerous. Even with the liberal application of winter tyres, extreme weather can beat even the most hardy of off roaders.

This video shows a handful of drivers trying to tackle one of Seattle's trickier hills during a pretty nasty snow storm. What makes it worse is the apparent presence of black ice under the snow, hence some pretty violent wheelspinning.
There're a couple of brilliant moments in there and we shan't spoil them for you, but ask yourself these two questions – which wheels are driven on a Toyota Corolla? And which wheels are they popping chains on at 1:20?

Seeing such slippery shenanigans does teach us a lesson: If it's too snowy, just leave it. Say indoors and don't try to drive. That said, we rarely get snow as bad as that...

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