"We're going to die": Passengers panic over BA error message on flight

'We're going to die': Mass panic over BA error message on transatlantic flightPA

It's the situation every air passenger dreads.

One minute you're snoozing happily in your seat 35,000 feet above the Atlantic and the next an emergency announcement comes over the speakers: "This is an emergency. We will shortly be making an emergency landing on water."

This is exactly what happened to passengers on BA flight 0206 from Miami to London Heathrow on Friday.

Luckily, another apologetic announcement came soon after saying that the message had been played in error - but not before it had caused sheer terror and panic among passengers, who thought they had moments to live.

The flight was halfway through its journey from Miami to London Heathrow when the announcement was played at 3am. Passengers began to scream and cry, until cabin staff reassured passengers that the message had been played by accident.

One passenger told the Daily Telegraph: 'I thought we were going to die.

"My wife was crying and passengers were screaming. Then they played an announcement telling us to just ignore the warnings."

Some passengers have expressed anger at the incident, claiming that cabin crew didn't take it seriously enough.

The airline handed out letters apologising for the error on landing. A spokesman said: "The cabin crew cancelled the announcement immediately and sought to reassure customers that the flight was operating normally. We apologise to customers for causing them undue concern."

However, the incident isn't the first for BA. Last year, a similar message on a flight between Heathrow and Hong Kong also announced that the plane was about to crash.

Last week, a BA flight had to make an emergency landing after both pilots were taken ill.

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