Video: RNLI lifeboat team saves dog's life

A dog which fell 100ft down a sheer cliff while chasing a seagull has been rescued by coastguards in Dorset. Scroll down for the video!

The one-year-old crossbreed was competely cut off by the sea and was left stranded and yelping with a broken toe and a chipped tooth.

He was being walked by his owners Denise Rowell (pictured) and her husband Kevin when he spotted the gull on the edge of the cliff. He ran after it - and disappeared.

On realising what had happened, his owners called 999 and the coast card team arrived at Old Harry Rocks, near Swanage, in a lifeboat.

Kevin told the Daily Mail:

"Bobby was by us the whole time. But we took our eyes off him for 30 seconds and in that time he had bolted.

"I couldn't see him anywhere and then a couple came up and said 'your dog has gone over there' and they pointed to the edge of the cliff."

When he first looked over the cliff edge, Kevin said that he feared the worst.

He said: "There was nothing to break his fall at all.

"But I looked over the edge and saw him sat on the beach crying in pain.

"The tide was out at the time and there was a lot of seaweed on the beach. He must have landed on that and it cushioned his fall. It is incredible that he survived."

Kevin and Denise have thanked and praised the coastguards and RNLI for rescuing Bobby, who is now recovering at home in Poole.

A spokesman for the Portland coastguard said that it was important for dog owners to keep their pets on a lead whenever they are near cliffs.

Swanage RNLI crew lifted him to safety and took him by boat to his relieved owners.

The rescue was recorded on a helmet-mounted camera worn by one of the lifeboat men: