Flight diverted thanks to 'unruly' German couple

Ceri Roberts
Flight diverted thanks to 'unruly' German couple
Flight diverted thanks to 'unruly' German couple


A Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Costa Rica was diverted to Tampa, Florida yesterday because a German couple reportedly refused to sit down unless they were given Champagne.

Janet Zink, a Tampa International Airport spokeswoman, identified the passengers as Peter and Gabriele Strohmaier of Dusseldorf, Germany. She said that they were seated in first class and demanded food and Champagne.

Ms Strohmaier later told The Associated Press that a Delta few member "exaggerated enormously and felt terribly insulted" when her husband asked about the food and drink service.

She explained that her husband had asked for a glass of Champagne, but was told that it was all gone. She claims that the crew member then walked away rather than listening to his concerns.

She denied that she or her husband were told to sit down and refused.

She said: "No, we were not standing."

Her husband said that he "did nothing except to say I would like to have the meal and so on... all normal things."

He said: "I am not prepared to accept such behaviour," bud added that in the end he didn't get Champagne, a meal or even a glass of water.

The couple had flown from Germany earlier in the day and were removed from the plane at Tampa International Airport after the caption made the call to land an hour and 34 minutes after takeoff.

The plane then continued to Costa Rica.

No charges have been filed and Ms Strohmaier said that the couple would "take another airline, naturally not Delta" to get to Costa Rica.

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