Baby seal who keeps getting lost needs to be flown home

Seal who keeps getting lost to be flown homeSWNS

A baby hooded seal who keeps getting hopelessly lost has turned up in Skegness - and wildlife experts are appealing for offers from pilots to fly home to Greenland.

The pup, named Eve by rescuers, ended up in Lancashire after being spotted off the coasts of Germany and Scotland - even though her breed is normally only found on the east coast of Canada, Iceland and Greenland.

Seal who keeps getting lost to be flown homeSWNS

Wildlife experts have been tracking her progress after fitting her with a device so that they could monitor her by GPS.
They found that the seal had swum 2,500 miles off course in total.

Speaking in the Daily Mail, Cheryl Yeadon, from seal sanctuary Natureland Skegness, says an appeal has been launched to find a generous pilot to fly the baby seal home.

She said: "No one knows why Eve got lost and travelled so far. She hasn't learnt how to cope on her own away from her mum.

"It is not unusual for seals to travel long distances, but we have never known one to travel this far- and in the wrong direction."

Eve was first rescued in August last year in Germany, where wildlife experts cared for her before releasing her back into open water with an electronic transmitter strapped to her head.

The device shows that Eve swam from Germany to Scotland, down the east coast of England and then to Lincolnshire.

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