Apple suspends Chinese sales after unrest

Picture of a Chinese Apple storeApple has withdrawn all iPhone sales in China after the mood turned ugly on the first day selling the iPhone 4S in the country. The phone didn't arrive in one of the stores and a crowd outside refused to believe it, then refused to leave in spite of the police being called. The crowd's reflection is in the window in the picture.
It happened at the store in the Sanlitun area of Beijing. A BBC report says the crowd threw eggs and got involved in scuffles with the police. Apple declined to open the store and the crowd stayed outside, calling names and throwing projectiles.

There was no disturbance elsewhere in China but Apple still appears determined to suspend sales of all models of iPhone throughout that country - which is of course a vast mobile phone buying body.


This means that although there was only localised disturbance in one location, if you want to buy an iPhone of any description at the moment you have to go through a partner rather than an Apple store or buy it online.

Apple's launches are typically met with a lot of hype and excitement. It's nothing to see a crowd or large queue at the larger stores every time the organisation makes a new phone or iPad.
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