Video: Lexus LF-LC wins design award at Detroit

Lexus LF-LC
The official unveiling of the Lexus LF-LC concept took place at the Detroit Auto Show this week, and it's already caused quite a stir.
The futuristic car has been honoured with the annual EyesOn Design Award for best concept car, owing to its 'striking design' and 'breathtaking beauty', according to judges.

The cuvacious, swooping body is finished with a full-length glass roof and interior features include a dual-screen touchpad with some more traditional wood and leather.

All in all, it looks rather a nice place to sit, so it will be interesting to see how much of the LF-LC's design will make it onto production cars in the future.

Jurgen Stolze, PR Manager for Toyota, calls it an "absolute eye catcher" and "a real smash", but what do you think?

Click the video below to see more.

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