Jaguar C-X16 crowned 'Most Exciting Car to be Launched in 2012'

Jaguar C-X16
The Jaguar C-X16 has won the award for the 'Most Exciting Car to be Launched in 2012' at the annual What Car? awards.

The award, which was decided by a poll of users, recognised the car they were most looking forward to see this year.
Ian Callum, Jaguar's celebrated Design Director, accepted the award from What Car? Editor-in-Chief Chas Hallett, who commented: "The concepts have looked terrific and we're all looking forward to trying the production version on the road."

He's right. The C-X16 promises to be the most driver focussed Jaguar coupe in years. With an all aluminium structure and performance figures including a 0-60mph sprint time of just 4.4 seconds, there's a lot of hope that it'll not only go as it looks, but deal a bloody nose to Porsche at the same time.

And that's not all Jaguar has us in suspense with. The C-X16 is currently being shown off at the Delhi Motor Show alongside that other stunning Jaguar concept, the C-X75, which has been confirmed for limited run production.
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