IAM: Cheaper insurance costs and training for young drivers

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The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has called on the Government and insurance companies to provide reduced insurance costs to young drivers who take additional training after passing their tests.

With premiums having risen substantially over the last few years, many young drivers admit to lying about their details to insurers, in hope of a better deal. Not surprising, when you consider the average premium for a 17-22 year old man is £2,977 – more than three times the national of £907.
Worryingly, a Government Transport Select Committee survey recently found that 21% of young drivers had considered driving with no insurance at all.

The IAM is also calling for the standard of the driving test to be reviewed.

It is highlighting the issue after its own survey revealed that half of all new drivers questioned did not feel fully prepared to drive on their own, and that 74% would definitely take further driving training if it meant reduced insurance premiums.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: "The simplest way to reduce insurance premiums is to prevent accidents. We need to start rewarding good drivers by encouraging further driver training through cheaper insurance.

"Pass Plus no longer provides a respected or effective training offering. The government, insurance and road safety industries need to work closely together to develop a better, universally recognised option - a partnership which the IAM is keen to be a part of."
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