Vauxhall Ampera set to cost lots and lots of money

Vauxhall Ampera
The Vauxhall Ampera/Chevy Volt combo is rather a smart one. They're the same car and share the same, smart range extending EV technology. Yesterday, Vauxhall announced that the order books are open for the groundbreaking car. The Luton-based company also announced the (rather steep) price.

It seems that to get your mitts on a range topping 'Electron' model you'll need to drop £38,995 into Vauxhall's hands. The price (pre £5k government grant) nets you a few interesting goodies. You get a DVD player, Sat Nav, BOSE speakers and a touch screen. All very smart, but it's still knocking on £40,000.
The next model down is the Positiv. It'll set buyers back £37,250 (pre-grant) and comes with heated seats, parking sensors all round and a rear view camera.

If you're feeling eco-tastic but not flush enough to drop nearly £40,000 on an eco car the base-level Ampera will cost £34,995 (pre-grant) and comes with toys like DAB radio and cruise control.

We understand the tech is expensive but we don't understand the odd about turn on price. You see, last year we reported that the Ampera would cost just £28,995. Now, in theory you can manage this with some haggling and the government grant on a base-level car, but here's the kicker – you can't order a 'boggo' car until next spring. If you want to spend lots you can order a Positiv or an Electron right now and get it in May, but that seems a bit unfair to early adopters, no?

We're sure they'll sell like proverbial warmed through baked goods, but not allowing people who may be less financially able to partake isn't really on, is it?
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