New Delhi Auto Expo highlights

Held every two years, the 11th Auto Expo in New Delhi finishes today whilst the Detroit Auto Show is still in full swing, which of course the motoring world is raving about with the likes of the new NSX and Ford Mondeo.
Still, Delhi is apparently the second largest motor show in the world after Shanghai and manufacturers obviously recognise the significance of this. According to the Economic Times in India, there were 58 new launches and a total of 50 global brands at the show, all vying for the attention of over 7 million visitors.

So what did the show have to offer? Well, there was the announcement that MINI will release the lion's share of its model range from the Cooper to the Cooper S Countryman, and we reckon this could well be a shrewd move by BMW to cater for those looking for stylish, well respected marques.

What's more, Audi will be hoping that the Q3 can take a slice of the BMW X1's pie and attract buyers looking for a luxury brand with a smaller price tag.

The Bajaj RE60 was in all its green glory, along with the beautiful Jaguar CX-16 and the frankly bizarre Chevrolet EN-V which we had a go in last year.

This year saw more premium brands focusing their attention on India and with good reason. A 7.7% growth in GDP makes India one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Therefore, people are hungry for new, exciting cars and many are prepared to spend their hard-earned cash on quality and reputation when ordering a set of wheels.

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New Delhi Auto Expo 2012
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New Delhi Auto Expo highlights
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