Google seals TV deals

Picture of Google TVGoogle TV is on the way and it's serious. It has signed deals in the US (and announced them at the Consumer Electronics Show, currently going on) with LG and Samsung joining existing partners Sony and Vizio to put Google TV on their sets.

This is all public before the Apple TV is expected to go live towards next Christmas.
The principle is that Internet and TV are converging - catch-up services like iPlayer are seeing to this very quickly indeed - and Google is preparing its own content. No European release date has been announced as yet but there are personnel in place working on it.

Old rivals

Just about every report in the press and on the Web is stating that this will stir up old rivalries between Google and Apple. Google has flooded the market with smartphones by opening its Android software up to multiple handset manufacturers and will no doubt be hoping to repeat the trick with the TV, while Apple - based on previous form - is likely to remain the only manufacturer of its televisions, assuming that speculation is right and they're going to come out.

The consumer is more likely to reflect that it's only a year or so since companies including all of those now allying themselves with Google were pushing 3D TV as the next big thing. Now it's Internet TV.

Will they settle on this, or will there be yet another standard this time next year, to which we must all upgrade to make watching telly worthwhile?
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