VW Up no longer yours for £99 per month

Young drivers and city car fans all over the show were pleased as punch to hear that you could buy a shiny new Volkswagen Up for less than £100 a month due to a 'driveaway' deal.

VW UK was set to follow its continental cousins and offer the dinky city car for lease at a low price to get people in to the cars. European buyers are set to get the car for 95 Euros a month - around £75 - to encourage younger drivers to get into an Up.
has reported that VW isn't going to offer the deal in the UK, despite the company almost confirming it at the end of 2011. VW is reported as saying: "We don't feel we really need to offer this sort of deal because we are going to be able to sell our relatively small allocation of Ups without it."

The UK is expected to get about 8,000 Ups, all of which are expected to be sold rather easily, it seems.

Irritatingly, our regular lease deal will see UK Up owners lose out on a few fronts - the EU 'driveaway' deal sees buyers get roadside assistance and warranty thrown in without having to put down a deposit first.

We fear the only young people getting into an Up will be those who are heavily financed by the bank of mum and dad.

Source: Autocar
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