New tyre for electric cars could save you even more money

Conti e.Contact
Tyre manufacturer Continental has released its latest product, the Conti e.Contact.
Designed exclusively for use with electric vehicles, the tyre can save drivers fuel by offering a substantially reduced rolling resistance. The sidewalls are also much more flexible, so less energy is lost when turning.

This translates into more miles per charge for EV owners. Continental say that the tyre also has exceptionally low noise outputs, whilst coping with the torque generated by an electric vehicle.

The e.Contact has been developed to give high levels of wet-braking grip and durability too, as per the tyre labeling rules.

With just 1082 new EVs sold in the UK in 2011, initial sales figures will be small, but an estimated 2.8 million electric vehicles are set to be registered worldwide by 2020 and other manufacturers are already following suit.

Soon to be available in 125/80R13 and 145/40R13, there's no word on price yet, but we expect them to be around 10-15% more to buy than normal tyres. More information can be found on the Continental site.
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