Jeremy Clarkson earns £2.14m from Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson
With his recent views on the public sector strikes, Jeremy Clarkson is never far from controversy.

Now, he's firmly back in the public spotlight again after it was revealed in the Telegraph today how much he earned from Top Gear last year.

Accounts filed at Companies House showed that thanks to a complex deal with the BBC, he has netted a £1.79m profit.
His annual windfall is thanks to an agreement with BBC Worldwide to ensure he benefits from the motoring show being shown in 198 different countries, as well as the spin-off DVDs, merchandise and live shows.

The TV presenter, who is on an estimated £350,000 BBC contract, has reportedly cashed in on a lucrative deal with bosses, allowing him to make money from merchandising and overseas sales bearing the Top Gear brand. His earnings from Top Gear now total £2.14m.

This venture was set up in 2006, when Clarkson apparently threatened to quit unless he was given a bigger financial investment to stay.
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