Ireland to witness Northern Lights

Ireland to witness Northern LightsCorbis

Always wanted to see the Northern Lights? Then head to Ireland, say astronomers.

For a limited period only, you won't need to travel as far as Norway, Sweden or Canada to see nature's most spectacular light show - aka the Aurora Borealis - because it will be visible in Irish skies, with Donegal the ideal location to maximise your chances.

Astronomers predict that in the coming weeks, the solar light show will be its clearest in more than a decade, due to a peak in the sun's activity.

Donegal-based astronomer Brendan Alexander says that the best time to spot the Aurora Borealis in Ireland is in Northern Donegal between now and the equinox in March.

Mr Alexander will be issuing alerts on expected sightings on his website,

Have you seen the Northern lights? Tell us your experiences below!

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